Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd always use our best efforts to devote to the community the researches to produce pharmaceutical products originated from natural herbs in order to bring the best treatment effect.

Our traditional medicine remedies are made from natural herbs by modern production technology, meeting the requirements of patients in terms of quality, safety and reasonable prices.

The current treatment trend is using medicine products that are derived from natural herbs, which are safe and environmentally friendly, as western medicine products often cause unexpected side effects.

The leader

For a long time, Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is considered a trusted brand in the public eyes.

It is an enterprise that not only knows how to do business, but is nice as it always maintains and develops the unique identity of the Vietnamese national culture, which is traditional medicine.

It is nice as the “leader” of the company is Nguyen Xuan Quang Herbalist – a talented and dedicated physician, who has devoted his life to the research and production of medicinal products.

Herbalist Nguyen Xuan Quang was born and raised in An Giang, in a family of traditional Eastern medicine. Since childhood, he has been fascinated by medicinal plants, handed down remedies, prepared by his ancestors in the family.

He understands the anxiety of patients, and he has passion for medicinal plants and life-saving medicine, he did not mind the difficulties by step-by-step building and developing successfully the brand of “Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical” on the Vietnam Pharmaceutical market.

Prior to 1985, Xuan Quang was a member of the production group of An Giang Pharmaceutical Company. But in 1985, Herbalist Nguyen Xuan Quang decided to split it up to establish Xuan Quang Traditional Medicine Production and Trading Facility, taking the symbol of “Rice flower”.

Meaning of the symbol “Rice flower” is that the rice brings a prosperous life and the meaning of Xuan Quang is that Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical brings health to everyone – Fullness and Health are two indispensable things in life.

He spends all his time researching, studying and experimenting more products and preparation forms from traditional to modern, taking quality as a prerequisite for preparation.

For every preparation, he always thought that it must reflect “heart” and “virtue”, enthusiasm – love – responsibility to people in order to make good products that benefit the patients.

Each time he helped a patient recover from the illness, especially the poor, he always thought that it was not only a responsibility, but also a sense of gratitude from the physician to the community and society.

Cherish the patient’s health

Over time, Xuan Quang brand has won customers’ trust from product quality. Through the construction of a nationwide distribution network, our products are delivered to users in a convenient and quick manner.

The products of Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical include Liver detox, Children nutrients, Bones and joints medicine Xuan Quang, Digestive disorder, Antitussive Xuan Quang, Cold medicine Xuan Quang, Cardiotonic Xuan Quang, Kidney tonifying, Yang invigorating – Kidney tonifying Xuan Quang, Female kidney tonic Xuan Quang, etc. They are formulated in the form of liquid, powder, solid, capsule, and tablet, convenient for the user and helps the body absorb better.

Since its establishment, the Company has invested and put into use the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system: “Always improving the preparation technology and business methods, providing physicians and patients traditional medicine products of Good quality – Safety – Reasonable price – High effectiveness”.

The company has been granted registration certificate by the Ministry of Health. All stages of production, from input materials, to finished products, warehousing, distribution to customers are strictly controlled and tested, ensuring stable quality in accordance with the Base Standards registered with the Ministry of Health to meet the needs of customers from urban to rural, domestic and abroad.

By outstanding achievements, Xuan Quang brand has received many certificates of merit and medals, etc. from the management agencies and specialized agencies.

Public health care from the resources available in the homeland, thereby bringing happiness to all families and benefits to the country is the development goal that Xuan Quang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. always aims to.

Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

- Business license No. 1600739468, Issued the 5th times by the Department of planning and Investment of An Giang on August 1st, 2016..

- Certificate of Eligibility for pharmaceutical Business No. 35/ĐKKDD- BYT issued by the Ministry of Health on December 29th, 2017.

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